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Tell Me Something Good

Tell Me Something Good, Tonight I was really excited as my video (above) was featured on a surprise hangout for people with Empower Network. It s a super cool s

Some Big News For Empower

There are some exciting changes happening in Empower. 

Including your Facebook, you will be able to integrate with your Facebook posts as part of your blog.

Promote Your Music Using the Most Advanced Systems

Promote Your Music Using the Most Advanced Systems

Ok, so you’ve been hearing me talk about blogging a lot. You’ve also heard me talk about the “Viral Blogging

Why I love Empower.

When you join empower you don’t just buy a system to market your music. You join a network of inpirational people just like you who work toward bettering themse

Why I Want to Help You as a Musician

Selling your music and getting your foot in the door as a musician can be a difficult task. I know I’ve slept in my car just to play an out of town gig, been ye

In Case You Missed the Hangout, Check Out the Video Now!

In case you missed the Hangout from Wed night, then here’s what you missed. This video is amazing!!! I promise you’ll laugh, cry, and learn something! 

Be Empo

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