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7 Ways to Create Community Instead of Competition

Have you been taught that being competitive gives you an advantage? Well, there’s actually two sides to that coin. Competition that focuses on what others are doing, and what they are achieving, and making that your main focus can actually hurt you. Instead, the side of competition that people should focus on is actually being competitive within themselves so that they become the best that they can be regardless of how others are progressing around them.

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11 Networking Tips for Your Next Event

Meeting new people can be fun or terrifying depending on what type of person you are. If you’re the social butterfly type then things may come easy. If your the wallflower, songwriting type, maybe not so much.

No matter what personality type you are, the most important thing is that you have a plan when you attend networking events. They may last a couple hours or a couple days.

Gaining Massive Leverage Through Referrals

Would you like to gain massive leverage in a short amount of time through the power of referrals? Most people think of someone like an insurance salesman when they think of referrals. The truth is you are in sales if you’re a musician. You’re selling your product and yourself to venues, to agents, to radio and to fans.

The first half of this article is going to be a snippet of what I learned from reading the book, “Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income ~ Sales Success Through Client Referrals” by Paul McCord. The second half of this article is how to implement these strategies specifically as a musician.

11 Spectacular Rock Star Networking Tips

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s all in who you know”? Well that’s a half truth. It’s who you know and who knows you. Many musicians see being an artist or their career as a “job” and if they can just get that “break” by getting a recording contract, then they will have made it.

The truth is that musicians who want to make a living at their craft have to treat their music like a business, and the lifeblood of any business is people. And if you’re not networking, then you’re not working towards your dreams. This can be a difficult switch for some people to go from spending hours alone in practice introverted, to becoming an extroverted networking rock star.

What prevents a lot of people from not networking is usually two things: how and where to network. Here are 11 networking tips that solve these two issues.

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