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Megan Burtt’s Album “The Bargain” ~ 5 Things She Did Right

The release is today of Megan Burtt’s new album “The Bargain”, and besides being a great singer/songwriter she also is pretty marketing savvy as well. And although I would love to talk about the songwriter/artist aspect of her album (Trust me, I can ramble on about that stuff all day) that’s not what this article is about.

How to Write a Blog Post in 5 Minutes

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How I Plan On Helping You Achieve Your Dreams

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Why You Should Give a Sh*t About Sales Funnels

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Musicians: How to Not Get Eaten by Dinosaurs

Yesterday, I went to finally go see Jurassic World with my fiance. And even though you know pretty early on who’s actually going to get eaten, at least for anyone who’s seen the first few films, it was still scary, emotional, and heart racing, especially with my fancy 3D glasses.

Two Types of Dinosaurs

Today there is a new kind of dinosaur. It is one that roams the earth telling indie musicians to pay their dues with endless miles on the vehicle, mailing cd packages, and that “playing for free” or that “barely getting by as a

7 Daily Marketing “Must Do’s” for Musicians

With all the information these days out there, it’s easy to have a tone of “ideas” about what to do to market your stuff, and just not know where to start on a daily basis. Does this sound like your marketing plan?

If it does then you will benefit from following these 7 action steps daily. You may even want to save this article to your browser, so that you can come back and frequent it. Below the 7 action steps are detailed infographics to get you moving in the right direction.

If you’re looking to start a blog or upgrade your current platform, maybe you might want to try the system that I use to reach thousands monthly.

Here are the 7 daily steps those who want to reach the masses should do daily.

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