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5 Hacks On How To Get A Record Label’s Attention

Although getting “signed” to a major record label is not as imperative to a successful music career as it used to be, they still have access and systems in place that could otherwise take you or I years to accomplish. So how do you get signed to a record deal? Here are a few hacks at getting signed to a record deal from the mouths of industry leaders and music business writers themselves. This of course is assuming you’ve put in the sweat, honing your craft of course.

Top Music Conferences 2015

I’ve seen a bunch of lists of different music conferences all over the internet. When you’re a new to the industry it’s hard to decide where you should go. So I put together a list of what I believe are all worthy of going to as an artists. Some of them are more genre specific, but all are great conferences. Check it out.

Taylor Swift Leaving Spotify Helps Indie Musicians

Taylor Swift Leaves Spotify

This is really amazing news. Spotify and other streaming services have been in the news lately and quite frankly the whole thing of

Why You Should Create Systems for Your Music Business

Why You Should Create Systems for Your Music Business

The real story behind how I got started…

When I went to nursing school I studied my butt off for an enti

The Future of the Music Industry

The Future of an Uncertain Music Industry In a changing industry, it’s very easy to find yourself following negative reports. There are always naysayers. Ther

YouTube Threatens to Ban Indie Musicians

YouTube Threatens to Ban Indie Musicians

(and how it effects you)

Many of you may have already heard that YouTube is gearing up to have its own ad-free music

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