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Ever feel a little self-indulgent when trying to promote yourself? I remember how I used to feel when doing my marketing. Sometimes, I’d have to pretend that I was managing and promoting someone else, just to not feel so full of myself.

It’s not that I didn’t have confidence. It’s just after a while, I’ll be honest, marketing yourself can feel a little like “me, me, me!” which can feel hollow. I believe that’s why most of us really would rather someone else do our marketing. Because of the way it makes us feel promoting ourselves.

Proof That Blogging Sells Big (Even for Music)

Okay, I get it. You’re a little skeptical. As you should be. You get hit with a ton of information on the internet. And everybody seems to have “wonderful theories” and “all the answers”, but it doesn’t really matter unless they work for you, right? I mean why should a musician really blog?

The answer:

How to Turn Strangers Into Fans

Do you ever get frustrated with the time, energy, and money it takes to market your music? There are books on the subject, how to create your EPK, and how to get gigs and tour, but there appears to be no clear path on how to do it effectively. That is until now.

One of the cheapest ways to have access to a massive amount of fans and music industry professionals these days is through the use of social media. And we’ve known this for years, it’s no surprise. But one thing as a community of musicians we really haven’t been able to master is harnessing that power and using it in greater ways.

Easy Blogging Strategies: Using Video

Watch this 5 minute video about how easy blogging can be for you! All I did was upload this to Kalatu from YouTube and you can do it easily as well.

How to Get 2.5K People to 1 Blog Post Without Ranking or Ads

Have you ever ever wondered how to get people to your website without spending a fortune? In this article I talk about how I got 2.5K people to view my blog post and 2.8K page views on one article. As of today, which is one month and ten days from the article’s original post.

The blog itself is ranked on the second page of Google of a topic that is only receiving around 700 searches a month, so I highly doubt I’m getting any traffic as far as I can tell from Google Search. I also did not place one ad after posting this article and I had a very, very small e-mail list as of the time of its release as well. So how did I get that many people to the site? Read this entire article to find out how I did it.

11 Reasons Why Musicians Should Blog Today

Having a website is great as a home, but to really reach an audience you need to have a system for attracting fans to your site. At the very core of any good content marketing plan is a blog. It’s a way to connect with your audience in a large way, keeping them entertained and up to date on what you’re doing.

I know that when I had a website, to have a really good day would be to attract a hundred people to my site and that did not happen that often. Now that I have an independent blog, I’m attracting at least 200 – 300 people a day, with by best day being just under a thousand.

I don’t tell this to you to brag, but to show you the power of having a blog. Below are 11 reasons why musicians should be blogging today.

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