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7 Crazy Facts About Mardi Gras

Have you ever wondered why or how some of the crazy traditions of Mardi Gras started? here are 7 things you might not have known about the New Orleans festival.
Mardi Gras Refers to Fat Tuesday, the Day Before Ash Wednesday

The Fat Tuesday party ends abruptly when the clock strikes midnight and the crowds are sent home, thus marking the beginning of Lent and Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is celebrated by Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Anglicans, and Presbyterians and marks the beginning of Lent, a traditional fast for 40 days prior to Easter symbolizing the 40 day fasting period of Jesus in the…

History of Zydeco Music New Orleans French Quarter

I thought this would be a great article since I will be headed for an Empower Network Conference this weekend in New Orleans. I’ll be learning more about market

Woodstock 1969 Facts and History

Woodstock 1969 Facts and History is captivating to say the least. Woodstock festival was a three day concert undertaken fro

East Nashville Live Music Venues

East Nashville Live Music Venues – Located beside the Cumberland River, East Nashville is home to many historic music events. More and more musicians and lege

Top Seattle Grunge Bands 90s

Top Seattle Grunge Bands of the 90s

Grunge music takes inspiration from heavy metal and punk rock. Here are some of the top Seattle Grunge Bands of the 90s.

MS Delta Blues

History of MS Delta Blues Musicians and Sounds


MS Delta has a rich African-American history that dates back to 1920’s. There are more sounds that were produ

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