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Blogging and the Power of the Link

One of the best ways to get your music out there online is through links. Think about it, only if someone clicks on your link online, will they ever get to your website, buy your music, or share your stuff. And the best way to get links to targeted people who are ready to buy your music, is through blogging.

Most plugins will cost you at least $20 a month to keep your blog looking like everyone else’s free website. Or you can do what I recommend you do which is get the Kalatu blogging system, and provide links as an affiliate, so you can make your money back (or heaven forbid make money!).

The New Compensation Plan with Empower Network 2015

Get a quick easy to understand explanation of the new compensation plan by Empower Network. The new plan pays you more and gets you where you want to be faster! Learn more about how to market your products, create a business from your kitchen table, or get the freedom you desire.

22 Twitter Tools to Rule the Tweetosphere

Looking for tools to help you beef up your Twitter engagement? Here are twenty-two tools to help you beef up your page.

Check out these three articles as well to aid in using these tools effectively…

Safe and Sound ~ John 3:17

This morning I woke up trying to get back to my daily routine. Routine can be good when it’s beneficial and positive. Sometimes we mistake routine from being stuck in a rut, especially as creatives or the entrepreneurial type.

For years I’ve been away from home working as a nurse for food and shelter and living as a singer/songwriter. To me it was practicality meets dreamer. I could work doubles on weekends as a nurse and song write Monday through Friday. This was the plan before I ever entered nursing school.

I left for Nashville on a Sunday

The Unmaking, Beauty for Ashes, and a Stolen Guitar

A day before my 24th birthday,while living in Nashville, I remember telling my roommate, “I might be going to Evansville tomorrow.” Thinking it a little weird she said why? Well I think it would be fun to go see Nichole Nordeman for my birthday, she’s one of my favorite songwriters.

Megan Burtt’s Album “The Bargain” ~ 5 Things She Did Right

The release is today of Megan Burtt’s new album “The Bargain”, and besides being a great singer/songwriter she also is pretty marketing savvy as well. And although I would love to talk about the songwriter/artist aspect of her album (Trust me, I can ramble on about that stuff all day) that’s not what this article is about.

Getting Started Can Be the Hardest Part

We all come from somewhere. And through the years we start to find a part of our identity through our surroundings. That can be hard when those around you don’t have the same aspirations and dreams. Jim Carey gave a speech about doing what you love at a university and it’s the best way I’ve heard it said….

Facebook Launching Live Stream

Facebook launched its live streaming service on August 5th. So why didn’t you hear about it or have the service? Continue Reading

Successful People Think Differently

Successful People Think Differently ~ Learn More About Becoming a Part of the Movement of TEAM Musicians Empowered  Free eBook Continue Reading

How to Write a Blog Post in 5 Minutes

Free eBook and Training on Marketing Your Music Get Tips on Marketing Your Music Online and a Free eBook and Continue Reading

How I Plan On Helping You Achieve Your Dreams

Have you ever read something on social media or seen something on TV that sounded too good to be true Continue Reading

Why You Should Give a Sh*t About Sales Funnels

Okay, okay, I get it. There’s nothing that will turn off a reader than talking about something totally boring. And Continue Reading

What is Blocking You From Your Best?

What is blocking you from succeeding? Did you know that if your mind isn’t right, that you can make it nearly impossible for you to reach your goals and to stay living out your best self? The other day I had an article that was an infographic on the wealthiest people and what their habbits are.

One of the comments showed a self-belief that all wealthy people somehow took advantage of others to obtain their wealth and therefore there was no such thing as a self-made millionaire.

5 Incredible Audio Books That Streatched Me

All of these audio books I have read or listened to them at one time. Each of them I know you’ll get tremendous value from!

Habits of the Wealthiest People in the World

Here is a great Infographic on “The Habits of the Wealthiest People”. Believe it or not 68% of Americans are “self-made” Billionaires. Daily habits are an integral part of reaching your long term goals. Some of the wealthiest people’s habits include maintaining a to-do list, listening to audio books, networking 5 + hours a month, and reading 30 + minutes a day.

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