Kung Fu Lessons Online

Kung Fu Lessons Online

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Defend Yourself – Putting The Odds In Your Favor

Self defense isn’t just about learning a couple of techniques and hoping for the best. Good self defense is about putting the odds of surviving a dangerous situation in your favor. Today we are going to look what you should do if you happen to be involved with a knife attack situation.

2 No Cost Ways To Start Earning Money Online

All around the world new people everyday are looking for ways of earning money online. One of the biggest fears a person has is are they going to get scammed if they try something. I know when I first got started in online marketing that’s what I was afraid of.

Women’s Self Defense – Test All Things

Women’s Self Defense is an important topic for us at Enter Shaolin because all of us here have daughters. Some of the videos we have seen on YouTube make us cringe because we know that they are not effective in real life situations.

Why Tai Chi Increases Your Ability To Defend Yourself

I have heard arguments in the past that Tai Chi isn’t a very effective fighting art. To be honest with you the first time I tried learning Tai Chi was 20 years ago. The first few years of my Kung Fu training I avoided learning Tai Chi it was to slow and to much remember. My A.D.D. kicked in big time. It wasn’t till I was training for about 8 years that I felt like I couldn’t increase my skill anymore.

Starting A Blog Tips – What To Blog About?

I know you have been told you need to start a blog right? The question is what the hell do you blog about? While blogging can be easy and fun you do need to step back for a moment and think about a few things before you get started.

3 Metamorphic Freedom Quotes

Sometimes in life you need to decide how you want to live your life. If you are already living in total freedom congratulations. You my friend are blessed.

If you dream of freedom I hope these quotes inspire to be the change in your life.

Confused How To Make Money Online? This Might Help

It can seem incredibly difficult to make money online. At least for some people anyways. It was that way for me. You watch people around you hitting a grand slam while you sit there scratching your head wondering why is it that some people can make money online while other people just seem to struggle.

Kung Fu Lessons Online – Why Looks Can Be Deceiving

I thought this would be interesting to share because often times folks watch videos on YouTube about kung fu and make all kinds of troll comments. You will hear comments like. Well that wouldn’t work on me because I’d just sidestep and bum rush the guy.

2 Most Informative Getting Youtube Viewers Videos

YouTube is a great source of traffic and leads. There are couple of things you need to know to get YouTube to work in your favor. So if you want more leads and more subscribers pay attention