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Looking For Financial Freedom?

Exitus has now crossed $1 Million dollars in Direct Commissions in the last 14 weeks with this system.

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Testimonials – Not Sure That You Believe Me?

Ok, not sure that you believe me?

Well, please listen to a few members who are making this work for themselves.

The Wizards are at it again!

Well, the Wizards are at it again!

Here is the latest addition to the Exitus opportunity, Automated Systems that work for you if you are already a busy person or you want additional effort being put in on your behalf.

Entrepreneurs – A Done For You Program

Is It Magic?
Would the help of Wizards be of interest to you?
How about a ‘Done For You’ program that can be hands off while you live your life?

Four “Confusing” Zen Quotes and What You Can Learn from Them

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

Baby Boomers, Choosing Entrepreneurship Instead of Retiring

If you think the largest demographic in the entrepreneurial world is millennials, think again. Baby boomers are actually the most powerful entrepreneurial group, giving up retirement for Career Number Two (or three, four and so on.) The idea of retirement isn’t what it used to be, whether by need or by choice.

Am I the Only One? Social Media Posting.

Am I the only person that thinks that when someone posts on social media that they should be able to either defend a statement, or posting that they make or be able to show where they get their facts?

Do You Need a College Degree to Start Your Own Business?

Enstitute: The entrepreneurial alternative to college This is an short video from PBS about Enstitute and how they have supported Continue Reading

Why Bother With A College Degree?

This is the second, of a short series, asking if one needs to go to college in order to start their own business.

They have asked questions like:

Do you need a degree to be successful in your own business?

Can I go back to school to learn specific information that will help me in my business?

How to know what I don’t know?

What would having a degree actually do for me?