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After watching today’s video from David Wood “Choose Character Over Reputation”, I‘m reminded of how skeptical I sometimes feel when I’m approached by someone I’m unsure of.

We have gotten to the place in society where we don’t trust others.

We are always cautious of their intentions and the motive of their actions.

Being aware of the possible danger or abuse they may be planning we are reluctant to even make eye contact.

It’s sad that mankind has come to this position of self-advancement at the expense of others.

Many of us recall or have heard stories of times when a person’s word or a hand shake was a binding contract.

Now agreements not only must in writing but witnessed and notarized and even then you’re not sure the other party will keep their side of it.

We are weary of every transaction we make and fear being SCAMMED.

No matter how sure we maybe of the validity of the company or offer we’re still uneasy.

These factors are a very important reason to always choose character over reputation.

We all seek to have a good reputation but if we are not comfortable within ourselves and our inner character the reputation others see in us in merely an outward appearance.

Soon that outward façade will disappear and the truth will be known.

I was raised and still hold the beliefs spoken of in this video, Never Lie, Never Cheat, Never Steal, as well as many other scriptural actions.

Each of these actions creates the fear in those who commit them to continue to lie and always be concerned about being confronted about it.

We should all be conscience of our character and control our actions accordingly.

Our reputation will reflect our inner self if we constrain ourselves and live a scripturally guided life.

If you would like to watch this video it may be seen at the following link.

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