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A Thought For The Day. Enjoy

If you have enjoyed reading my articles……. Submit your best email to receive regular updates. We appreciate your sharing the Continue Reading

They used to say ” You Are What You Eat”

Now, it’s what are our foods made of?  Are they good for you?   I know Halloween is coming, but it’s the Continue Reading

My Glass Is 1/2 Full — What’s Yours?

The Journey Begins With the First Step If you are a beginner, thinking about entering the Internet Marketing arena we Continue Reading

More On Resourcefulness and What It Takes – “Grit”

Angela Duckworth, who we introduced a few days ago in the Pete Carroll piece, noted when she was a teacher Continue Reading

“True Grit” – Do You Have It?

True grit is about tenacity, resourcefulness and resilience, wrought from failure upon failure and regardless rebounding with well above average Continue Reading

Guiding Booklet About Living Life Positively

” But my life is just one problem after another.!” “Of course it is—that’s life.”

“….it took me a long time to realize that at least some of these problems were of my own making………….I finally learned that you cannot help people unless they really need help, are willing to be helped want you to help them, and ask you to help them. Even then you can only help them to help themselves.”

Save Time, Renew Friendships and Blog For Profit

  “Seek and Ye Shall Find” It took me years in the network marketing business to find my current company. Continue Reading

Taking a “Field Trip” Is Refreshing & Rejuvinating

“Time Outs” Are Good For  You–just not too many ‘When we were children, few words were more exciting to hear Continue Reading

What’s Your 20 ?

My how times have changed A few days ago we spoke of traveling to “shuck our wares.” It  was fun, Continue Reading