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Most SEO experts will agree that social media sharing of your blog posts will significantly increase the ability for them to rank in Google. Some people argue this strategy suggesting that most social media sites use “nofollow” tags on their links, but in my experience I have found tremendous results in Google rankings with posts that have gone viral on social media sites, versus posts that have not. I have no doubt that Google and other search engines take this into consideration in their algorithms one way or another.

How to Get Your Facebook Ad Approved Every Single Time (& Profit $1,000/week)

When it comes to affiliate marketing ad campaigns, Facebook Ad Manager likes to be a ‘hero’ and strap on the superman cape.

If you have ever tried to get an affiliate marketing or ‘money-making’ ad approved on Facebook, you know what I am talking about. Those people disapproving your ads – probably an offshore company in India — will shun your ad immediately if your url points to a lead capture page or sales letter.

Instabuilder Review: Create Awesome Squeeze and Sales Pages in 5 minutes

My newfound secret is Instabuilder. I was fortunate enough to get hold of a beta copy of Instabuilder a couple of months ago. Then I started recommending to friends – only to find out the sales page closed right after I bought it. I was lucky, others weren’t. Fortunately, they’ve made significant improvements since the beta version and opened it up again for sales.

[VIDEO] Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk on Building an Online Brand.

The questions I ask Gary Vaynerchuk are:

1. What are 2 tips on building your brand online?

2. What predications do you have for 2013?

3. Last year we saw instagram and Pinterest expand rapidly, do you feel there will be a new thing to BLOW up in 2013?

4. What is one thing someone should NOT do, what is the biggest mistake to make online?

INFOGRAPHIC: Your Facebook Timeline is like a Storefront

Collectively our team admins dozens of pages totaling over 100,000 fans across Facebook! Some are popular, some are on their way. When Facebook launched Timeline a few months ago we designed, tested, learned, and hosted many webinars on the topic. With all of our learnings combined we’ve created this infographic comparing your Business Timeline to a Storefront. Now timeline isn’t that scary anymore…